Thomas & Karla Marie Williams

Speakers, Writers and Advocates for Families & Children Around the World     

Our Goal is to help families & children Thrive

 and not just survive!

Preserving Families


We passionately believe that families need to stay together. Many family units in the U.S. and abroad are separated due to poverty, lack of support, resources and training. Our goal is to advocate, recognize resources & promote Safe Families in the U.S. and Family Preservation programs around the world.

Advocating for Children


There are half a million children in the U.S. who have an uncertain future within our foster care system. More than 100,000 need a family and home to call their home. Millions of children worldwide are unrepresented and voiceless. We advocate for those children and dispel the myths and limitations that keep them without a family. Our goal is to train and inspire foster/adoptive parents on caring for and raising children who have experienced trauma.

Inspiring Advocates


Many people work tirelessly around the world to advocate on behalf of families and children. We train & inspire advocates, social workers, and orphanage staff in the U.S. and Africa to passionately serve and protect children.